Energy Sparks introduced in Yr. 6

Energy Sparks introduced in Yr. 6

Testing new Energy Saving website

Year 6 children have been testing the recently launched Energy Sparks website which supports Transition Bath’s Energy Sparks Schools’ Education Programme by providing displays of schools’ energy consumption using smart meter technology. Pupils can then track their school’s energy usage and progress in saving energy.

It also includes an innovative activity logging system, which turns energy saving into a game. It allows pupils to compete between schools, with points and badges awarded when a series of energy saving or energy awareness raising tasks has been completed. The programme also includes education resources and activity plans to teach pupils about energy saving, as well as maths and science through understanding energy.

The Year 6 children explored the new website, learning about energy consumption, electric and gas appliances and their use patterns, changes in gas and electricity use over the year, comparing energy use in term time and the school holidays and weekends, and discussing ways the school might save energy.

The children provided feedback on labelling and navigation through the website, and ideas of how to improve the imagery, rewards, and data representation on the site.

An enormous thank you to Claudia Towner for her enthusiasm and persistence in launching this initiative, in spite of a raft of technical teething problems!

Posted on 17th July, 2017

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