Energy Sparks Project - children are closely monitoring our energy usage

Claudia Towner is coming into school on a weekly basis to work with our new energy team from Joyce Class on the Energy Sparks programme.

By providing displays of Freshford School’s energy consumption using smart meter technology, pupils can track their school’s energy usage and progress in saving energy. Our team of young energy savers have been assiduous in checking the temperature in all rooms, turning heating down and electrical switches off when items are not being used.

One room this week was being noted as being over-heated, but for good reason as our lovely reading volunteers from Avon Park were using the room at the time to listen to our young readers. We are now all back down to the 15 – 18 degree range!

A single computer and monitor left on 24 hours a day will cost around £60 per year. Switching them off out of hours and enabling standby features could reduce this to less than £10 a year each and prolong the lifespan of the equipment!

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Posted on 2nd November, 2017, updated on 29th November, 2017

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