Welcome to our School : FIREWORKS 9.11.18 POSTPONED UNTIL 16.11.18

Headteacher’s Message

I believe that first-hand experience is the foundation stone of finding out who we really are and what we might become.

We inspire our children to be at the centre of their own learning by questioning, experimenting, thinking hard, being challenged, heard and given the time to try new and different ways. Through the journey of seeing and knowing your child, we are able to insist that they recognise the excellence within them.

At Freshford our children innovate, create and explore; they show kindness, joy and love. With these tools, we know they are well placed to influence and change the world for the better.

Andrew Wishart – Headteacher

“Try your best and you will get so much out of it. I only hope that we all realise how lucky
we are to be at this school. How lucky have I been to go to a school that is so hard to say
goodbye to.” Stan – Yr. 6 leaver 2017

“Over the years, I have become the only one in my family to like school, but Freshford isn’t a school. It’s a place to make memories. It’s a home.” Jon – Yr. 6 leaver 2017