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High Street, Freshford, Bath BA2 7WE    tel 01225 723331    email freshford_pri@bathnes.gov.uk

Welcome To Our School

The complexity, pace and power of the forces of change in primary education in this country are such that it is impossible to predict how our school will look within the next few years. We must have principles, approaches and intentions that will allow us to respond creatively and effectively to evolving unknowns for the benefit of our children and wider community.

At Freshford School we understand and appreciate that children learn in a multitude of ways and that within any school there will be children from a range of backgrounds who bring with them a wealth of different strengths, experiences, interests and needs. Children rise to challenges and we work hard with them to provide for these variations in every aspect of school life.

Our ethos, based on Christian principles, is to facilitate holistic learning within an ‘unhurried’ school, encompassing not only the basic skills, but also nurturing an interest in and a love of the arts, humanities, language, sciences, technologies and world religions, whilst supporting the personal, physical, social and health education of all. We encourage the children to consider current issues surrounding long term sustainability and global citizenship.

We believe that children learn best when they feel secure, happy and inspired, so consequently we do our utmost to facilitate learning within a creative, inspiring and quality environment. This is achieved to significantly better effect when we have the support of families and the wider community.

At all times, families are encouraged to ask questions and to talk with relevant staff about the wider aspects of their child’s education.

A good school … ‘allows skilled teachers to blend core achievement with an experiential-based approach that engages young people’
CBI First Steps Report

‘Research shows that social and emotional capabilities are valued by employers and are seen as having equal importance as cognitive skills related to literacy, numeracy and job-specific technical skills’
A Framework of Outcomes for Young People : DFE 2012

Andrew Wishart – Headteacher

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